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A new approach to managing forests

At Insight Robotics, we strive to empower forest owners with innovative technologies that safeguard investments, protect communities & reduce environmental footprint

Early detection

Accurate early detection and identification of threats provides key insights for decision makers.


Increase visibility of hard-to-reach areas without endangering your personnel.


Pinpoint the exact location of existing and potential threats with geolocation.

Data Analysis

Automated, high-quality data analysis empowers clients to mitigate risks strategically.

Our technologies provide you with actionable insights to mitigate risks and protect your assets

Wildfire Detection System

Wildfire Detection System

At Insight Robotics, we have developed the world’s leading early wildfire detection system. Advanced thermal imaging sensors detect wildfires within minutes of ignition, enabling rapid response and prevention of fire damage.

Always-on protection

Accurate and effective computer-aided 24/7 coverage.

Catch more fires

Thermal technology locates wildfires in low visibility such as haze and smoke.

Locate the fire

Pinpointing the fire location allows for immediate and effective threat mitigation.

Planning & analysis

Identify risk areas, plan fire mitigation strategies and prevent additional losses.

Aerial Survey Service

Aerial Survey Service

The Insight Robotics aerial survey service provides precise and accurate early detection of natural and man-made threats. Our cost effective aerial surveys empower forestry and plantation owners to mitigate risks, make informed decisions and maintain sustainable growth.

Data consistency

6 sensor payload ensures data capture consistency in a single flight.

Remote area access

Our UAV can launch and land in remote areas without safe landing zones.

Externalize costs

Externalize costs by outsourcing inventory and pilot training to us.

Timely & efficient

Our UAV provides value for money, covering more land in a shorter amount of time.

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