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Wildfire Detection System InsightFD + Insight Globe

The world's leading early wildfire detection system, InsightFD & Insight Globe, providing 24/7 protection powered by AI-assisted thermal and smoke detection technology

Our Wildfire Detection System

Our Wildfire Detection System

The Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection System is comprised of a network of InsightFD robots linked to the management platform Insight Globe suited at a central control room. Each robot provides industry-leading accuracy, real-time surveillance, and early detection of emerging wildfires, shifting the focus to efficient early suppression rather than costly firefighting.

Innovative & trustworthy approach to managing your assets

Combining advanced electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR) sensors and machine learning with enhanced smoke detection algorithms, InsightFD is the leading dual solution for early forest fire detection in the world. InsightFD is used by Wildfire service, national park and forestry in Asia, Americas and Europe!

InsightFD 3

InsightFD 3 is purpose-built for North America, South America and European markets. It operates in low temperature weather. It weighs only 15kg with extremely low power consumption. Modular designallows easy maintenance, while I/O ports support meteorological station & UPS power management.


InsightFD 1

Equipped with highly customizable cameras, InsightFD 1 is ideal for long range remote monitoring and inspection, thoroughly empowering operators with higher operational efficiency.


Proactive 24/7 monitoring and fire identification


Each robot scans 360° 24/7 and is equipped with advanced thermal imaging sensors and high definition visible cameras for smoke detection that automatically detect wildfires within minutes of ignition.


Upon detection, the robot transmits location-based data to the control centre. Our GIS, Insight Globe, processes the imagery to determine accurate fire coordinates. Insight Globe works with wildfire prediction systems and provide them real-time data inputs.


A fire alert is released to key personnel. Estate managers use the pan-tilt cameras to examine the fire and determine when and how to respond.

Key benefits of InsightFD

Excellent accuracy

Pinpoint the fire location as small as 6 sq. meters within 8km radius and detect relatively larger fires at greater distances.

Fast detection

Spot over 95% of small fires within 10 minutes of ignition, minimizing damage to your assets.

Large coverage

Thermal detection: able to detect fires at very early stages up to 8km and larger fire up to 15km; Smoke detection#: up to 15km.

Reliable system

24/7 monitoring with real-time fire alert and able to work under tough and hash outdoor environment (e.g. smoke, fog, haze, etc.).

Effective dual EO/IR solution

Machine learning based, fully automated thermal detection and sophisticated smoke detection algorithm.

Cost savings

Deployment and maintenance cost reduced due to low weight, low power consumption and modular design of robot.

Powerful and highly intelligent platform


Insight Robotics wildfire detection system is comprised of a network of InsightFD linked to a central control room. The robots automatically communicate to our Smoke UI platform and GIS platform, Insight Globe.

Relevant infrastructure and points of interest can be saved within the GIS and overlayed to enhance the visualization and situational awareness of your land.

Real-time visualizations and integrated smoke detection empower you to make informed decisions and mitigate risks immediately.


Insight Globe features a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with our InsightFD.

The software works across multiple devices whether that be a PC or tablet. Push notifications enable you to leverage key insights for time-critical decision-making regardless of where you happen to be.


As your Wildfire Detection System expands, each additional unit will integrate seamlessly with your existing unique Insight Globe login, removing any potential software incompatibility.

The scalability of our software enables you to accurately scan your forestland via one interface, regardless of how large your area is.

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