01 / Solutions


Insight Robotics develops robotics-based technology that gives industry data-driven insights to quantify their risks and plan accordingly.  Timely intelligence mitigates risks and protects resources and infrastructure, thus containing dangerous or costly situations before they can escalate.

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02 / Technology

Through our core technology, Insight Robotics provides decision-makers with actionable information to prevent disasters.


technology-1.pngINSIGHT GLOBE

Proprietary geospatial intelligence platform that displays real-time data alongside trend analysis, enabling users to leverage key insights instantly

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Industry-leading disruptive robotics technology that makes industrial GIS applications affordable and easy to use

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Groundbreaking use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and sensor technology for advanced data collection and analysis to give new levels of insight 

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03 / Company

We're a passionate team pioneering new ways to make the world a better, safer place to live. Our speciality is helping our customers visualise data across large land areas easily and intuitively, thanks to our patented inventions like:

  • Wildfire detection robots that use artificial intelligence to increase the range that thermal sensors can see
  • Insight Globe GIS software platform which assists wildfire detection robots in finding the location of a fire without triangulation and provides the backbone of UAV surveillance

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Kevin Chan and technologist Rex Sham, our company is made up of engineers and experts from more than a dozen nationalities. We love to innovate and challenge each other, to push the boundaries of technology, and to work closely with our customers on end-to-end solutions for their industrial challenges.

We foster an environment of inspiration and positive disruption, continuously striving to make a difference by protecting the world's resources, assets and lives.

Join us in saving the world, bit by bit, grid by grid.